Anticipating في فن الانتظار

A Lesson from Kama Sutra درس من كاما سوطرا

with a glass inlaid with gemstones,
wait for her…

on a pool around the evening
and among the perfumed roses, wait for her…

with the patience of a horse
destined for the slopes of the mountains, wait for her…

with a distinctive aesthetic taste of a prince, wait for her…

with seven pillows stuffed with light clouds, wait for her…

with the fire of women incense filling the place, wait for her…

with the scent of a male sandals on horseback, wait for her…

and do not rush it, if she arrives late then wait for her…

and if she arrives early, wait for her…

do not flinch the bird from her braids and wait for her…

let her sit comfortable as a garden
at the height of its flowers, and wait for her…

let her breathe this air that is foreign to her heart,
and wait for her…

to lift her dress from her leg cloud by cloud
and wait for her…

take her to the balcony
to see a moon soaked in milk, wait for her…

serve her water, before the wine
and do not glance at the twin partridge sleeping on her chest,
and wait for her…

gently touch her hand as she puts the glass on the marble,
as if you are carrying the dew on her behalf , and wait for her…

talk to her as a flute talking to a fearful violin string
as if both of you are witnessing what tomorrow is planning for you,
and wait for her…

ring by ring, shine the night for her, and wait for her…
until the night says to you: no one exists anymore but the two of you
take her gently, to the death you desire, and wait for her!


Anticipating الانتظار

Anticipating gets me a craze thinking of the many possibilities:
Perhaps she forgot her small purse in the train,
she lost my address and the mobile phone
lost her appetite and said: he is not destined to get a piece of the light rain
or perhaps she got preoccupied with an emergency matter
or a trip towards the south to visit the sun,
and called, but did not find me in the morning;
as I went out to buy a Gardenia for our night
and two bottles of wine
or perhaps she had a disagreement with the former husband
regarding old memories ,
and swore not to see a man threatening her to make new memories
or perhaps she hit a Taxi in her way to me
and the planets of her galaxy switched off,
and she still being treated with sedatives and drowsiness
or perhaps she looked in the mirror before coming out of herself,
detected two large pears vibrating out of her silk,
sobbed and hesitated:
does anyone deserves my femininity other than I
or perhaps she crossed,
coincidentally, a former Love that she has not recovered from,
and joined him to dinner
or perhaps she died,
like me, death falls in love suddenly,
and like me, death does not like anticipating


She did not come لم تأتِ

She did not come “and she will not …”, I said
So, I will re-arrange the evening,
as befits my disappointment and her absence:
I extinguished the candles I lit for her,
and turned on the regular lights
I drank her wine cup and broke it
I replaced the rapid violin music with Persian songs
I said: she will not come
I will loosen the elegant tie, this way,
I will be more relaxed
Put on my blue pajamas,
walk barefooted, If I wish.
Sit comfortably cross-legged on her sofa,
and forget her and forget all absent things.
I put back what I have prepared for our celebration
Opened all my windows and curtains.
No secret in my body this night
only what I waited for and lost …
Mocked at myself for cleaning up the air for her,
perfumed it with drizzles of rose water and lemon.
She will not come …
I will move the Orchid plant from the right to the left,
to punish her for forgetting.
I covered the wall mirror with a coat
so that I do not see the radiation of her image … and regret.
I said: forget the love verses I quoted for her from old poetry,
because she does not deserve a poem even a stolen one …
And I forgot her, ate my fast meal standing up
I read a chapter of a textbook on our remote planets,
and wrote, in order to forget her depiction,
a poem
This poem!