Zawaya – Aswat




ZAWAYA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Arabic Music, Art, Poetry, Literature, Theatre, and Culture through instruction and presentation. Zawaya was established in 2001 by a group of Arabs and Americans in the Bay Area to promote the public expression of Arab art and culture, and to create an understanding of this rich heritage. Zawaya sponsors Aswat, the only Bay Area Arab community choir, which has been promoting Arabic music for several years. This multi-ethnic and diverse choir was founded by Nabila Mango and has performed at many venues in the Bay Area. In November 2002, and after attending one of ASAWT’s concerts, I designed a mural to be used as a theatre back-drop for a concert celebrating Arab Musician Sayyid Darwish. The Mural, created digitally from images of Sayyid Darwish, musical notes, and the Egyptian National anthem, measured 14×16 feet. In 2003, I joined Zawaya board and I created the logos for Zawaya and Aswat. In 2007, I served as the president of ZAWAYA for a 2 years term.


for more information about Zawaya, visit their web site.